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Thinking About History 1760-1914Thinking About History 1500-1760Thinking About History 1000-1500Thinking about History (KS2)
Thinking about Wales (KS3)
Geography Investigations (KS3)Investigating Our World (KS2)Thinking About History 1500-1760
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We are a publishing company based in South Wales producing print and digital educational resources in both English and Welsh.

Our highly acclaimed series 'Thinking About …' books offers digital and print resources for the classroom in mathematics, history and geography. They have been crafted with literacy numeracy and thinking skills of each subject area in mind and written by leaders in the field.

They are resource which can be dipped into occasionally or can provide the framework of a curriculum for a key stage at a fraction of the cost of a set of text books with interactive and printable resources.

The books have been commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government and scrutinised by classroom teachers, advisers and ESTYN inspectors in the development stage to ensure that they comply fully with the National Curriculum orders and offer stimulating and relevant challenges for pupils. The books give a step by step guide to teachers on how to use the resources.

Since the establishment of the company in 1998, we have produced many resources including:
An extensive modern foreign language website of resources for French, Spanish and German
Readers for 2nd language Welsh KS3 - SEBON
Readers for 2nd language Welsh KS2 - ARTHUR
The series included, printed books, audio tracks, interactive resources and printable worksheets and transcripts
Digital copies of the books for whiteboard use are still available

We also provide a professional filming and editing service to schools and to the education and business field.
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For more information contact:

Tel: 01443 451517
Fax: 029 2086 5514

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